Happy Bay Weligama

Terms and Policies Moone Weligama (Pvt) Ltd. Valid from 5 th September 2019

Privacy Policy

Moone Weligama (Pvt) Ltd is a company registered in Sri Lanka and is the Operator of Happy Bay Guesthouse, 34 Samaraweera Place, Weligama. It is thus governed by the laws as set down by The Consumers Affairs Authority of Sri Lanka in particular The Consumer Affairs Authority Act No 9 2003 and any subsequent amendments made to or that relate to this act.

Moone Weligama (Pvt) Ltd may use contact details provided by customers to inform customers of upcoming events or offers. These contact details will not be shared with 3 rd parties for other use and may be used only in the promotion of the activities of the business of Moone Weligama (Pvt) Ltd. If a customer does not wished to be contacted by email or any other electronic means they must inform us in writing to info@happybayslk.com and they will be removed from all databases and will receive no further communication on the implementation of this notification.

Moone Weligama (Pvt) Ltd will use reputable suppliers to store data and other electronic details supplied by customers and will bear no responsibility for any failure or shortcomings on behalf of such companies to any loss theft or damages caused by their shortcomings.

Intellectual Property

All data, images or video available on this website is the sole property of Moone Weligama (Pvt) Ltd and under no circumstance except with the express written consent of at least 2 directors of the company may it be used by 3 rd parties for any purpose. Any such breach will result in legal action by Moone Weligama (Pvt) Ltd.

Booking Policy

All bookings made on this site will be made subject to an email confirmation and will also require a deposit(20%) paid in advance to secure the booking by Moone Weligama (Pvt) Ltd. Once such email confirmation( and deposit is paid to Moone Weligama (Pvt) Ltd.) is received by the customer then and only then will it be deemed valid.

On arrival all bookings must be paid for 100% in advance.

Credit Card payments will be subject to a 3% surcharge

Any damages to property will be charged accordingly.

Refund Cancellation Policy

All bookings cancelled 30 days or more prior to the booking will receive a 50% refund of deposit.

Any cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the booking will not receive and refund of deposit.

Credit Card Policy

Moone Weligama (Pvt) Ltd. May accept credit cards subject to the availability of such service. A 3% surcharge will be made to all credit card payments. Credit Card details made be used to offset damages or such other charge as may apply.


This website uses cookies and customers are advised to make any such deletions if they wish subsequent to visiting the site.

Personal Property

All personal property kept on the property Happy Bay Guesthouse or any other outside facilities such as the beach facility is kept there at the owners own risk. Moone Weligama (Pvt) Ltd accepts no liability for loss or damage to same.


CCTV cameras are in use on the property and any such footage may be used by Moone Weligama (Pvt) Ltd in any legal or other challenge in its defence.


Moone Weligama (Pvt) Ltd bears no responsibility for any negligence on the part of guests using the facility. All guests accept responsibility for their own actions therein.

Act of God or Natural Disaster

Moone Weligama (Pvt) Ltd bears no responsibility for any Act of God(or any other deity that such party may believe in) or any natural disaster that causes damage or injury to any third party.